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Our role is to understand the business or marketing plan and from that understanding visualize a correct solution to the needs of each project.

We design through a Method composed of five distinct steps or work phases, five phases of work perfectly identified respect to each other:


We are a professional designers team with more than 30 years experience. We seek for creative solutions from an absolute strategic point of view, with results shown in every project we develop.

Gonzalo Berro Gonzalo Berro
Gonzalo Berro
Founder and Partner
Laura García Laura García
Laura García
Partner and General Coordinator
Valentín Cristiani Valentín Cristiani
Valentín Cristiani
Partner and Industrial Design Director
Yago Mellado Yago Mellado
Yago Mellado
Manager Spain
Eduardo Paso Viola Eduardo Paso Viola
Eduardo Paso Viola
Partner and Motion Graphics Director
Esteban Serrano Esteban Serrano
Esteban Serrano
Partner and Creative Director

With more than 30 years of experience he leads design projects for SC Johnson, Disney, Dole, Danone, Savencia, Molinos, CCU, Osborne and Cambiaso, among others. Author of the books "Design Method" (2020)", "Design, the everyday art" (by 2015), "Design Particles" (2008) and "Grupo Berro identity and design management.

She worked for Aerolíneas, Banco Francés and Hospital Austral, among others. She joined Grupo Berro in 2000, and since then, coordinates various projects for Philip Morris, Disney, Molinos and SC Johnson, among others.

Industrial designer from the Architecture, Design and Urban Planning School at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Fadu-UBA). He teaches at the Design curriculum at Fadu-UBA. Since 2005, he has specialized in the development of furniture, leather accessories, prototype management, set and stage design, and ceramic production. He joined Grupo Berro in 2017 as a partner and director of industrial design.

More than 20 years of experience working in marketing, brand construction, innovation and product development for leading companies at different markets, such as Osborne, Cuétara, General Mills and Avon cosmetics. Yago is all about strategic vision, management and results-oriented action. He has a Master's degree in Internet Business (MIB) at ISDI.

He is a Film and Television Integral Producer from the Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica (CIC) and studied Design at UBA. He started his professional career at Grupo Berro before a stage at the USA. Since then he worked as art director and audiovisual producer with several agencies and for brands such as Etiqueta Negra, Gola, Atma, Wanama, and Lollapalooza Argentina, among others. In August 2018, he rejoined Grupo Berro as a partner.

Graphic designer from the Architecture, Design and Urban Planning School at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Fadu-UBA). Worked at Cato Berro Partners & Cato Partners Australia. His works were published in Graphis, Rockport Publisher, Pie Books and Craftman House. Illustrator and cartoonist. Professor of typography at the University of Buenos Aires.