Method header

It's not what we do,
it's how we do it.

We design through a Method composed of five distinct steps or work phases, five phases of work perfectly identified respect to each other:


There are three transversal factors, that intersect during all of the Method’s stages.

The Human Factor
All of what we do, as a team inside Grupo Berro and with each and every one of our clients and suppliers, is governed by a strong mark of humanity. When we approach any project, we are also, fundamentally, approaching a human relationship.
The Flexibility Factor
Our Method, is not a rigid program that fails to allow for detours or distortions. This is what we call “The Flexibility Factor” We are adaptable, open to new perspectives, new ideas, no matter at what moment or stage they may turn up. Another’s perspective can add to your own: that is why at Grupo Berro we deeply value our clients’ participation in the process.
The Failure Factor
To design is to take risks in search of two virtues: maximum excellence and maximum differentiation. To achieve this, we need to take great strides, and some of those strides can lead to failure. The Method applied by the Grupo Berro team allows for failure, because we see it is an essential component in the learning process. Failure gives us the opportunity to add new resources and to evolve professionally.

1. approach

The approach is the first step: from where we address the challenge, what is out diagnosis, what are the key questions.

2. idea

An idea is the consequence of a process of immersion, intuition and innovation that answers the questions of the approach.

3. development

The tangible idea, developed to captivate, to be different, unrepeatable and functional to the client's business.

4. answer

Our answer is not magic: it comes from the approach, from the idea and its development, all of this subject to times and objectives.

5. result

Our method always contemplates the importance of the result, of the "hard data" that will demonstrate the effectiveness of our work.


"I think it’s key that we designers are the ambassadors of design and demonstrate the value of our work"

Gonzalo Berro, founder of Grupo Berro