Branding & Identity.

  • Cliente Union Argentina de Rugby
  • Servicio Branding & Identity.
  • Año 2023

The aim of the project consisted in taking the hallmark DNA from the UAR and Los Pumas and working on an evolution.

On analysing the diverse designs in history, the puma symbol on the jersey of the national representative team in the 1970s was set as the starting point.

With a renewed design, the new symbol that will now be seen on the national jersey outlines an authentic and imposing puma with a more committed and stronger nature.

The spirit of the sub-brands arises from the UAR’s essence itself. From an alphabet exclusively designed for the new identity of the UAR and Los Pumas, all the sub-brands were redesigned based on the new typeface. Each sub-brand has now its own personality while being part of the UAR as a whole.