Communication Strategy

Strategy. Creativity. Flexibility. Efficiency. Relevance.

At Grupo Berro, our clients objectives are our own.

We know of the many rational and emotional bonds between a brand and its audience.

We identify and enhance them under a consistent and original proposal. We approach every Project with an open mind, backed by our many years of experience, the strength of the results and a unique interdisciplinary team.

Our added value proposal is turning difficulties into opportunities. We have the capacity and resources to make it possible.

Brand Identity

Identity is all about DNA.

When it comes to designing the identity for any project, we go straight to the essence.

First we define what features we need to identify, which values to emphasize, all differential elements, and analyze the environment the brand will be in.

Having determined these axes, we get deeply involved in the construction of an identity capable of projecting a forceful e unrepeatable image.

Packaging Design

To develop a packaging means to turn an idea into something touchable.

It is the key moment, when the visual concept turns into a purchase reality, when the product moves into a communication vehicle, like getting soul into body.

Regardless of advertising budgets, packaging always works as the last link in the whole chain. It introduces itself, all alone at the front line, with nothing but the huge responsibility of being chosen to form part of the consumer´s life.

Motion Graphics

Digital world is part of our true world. Today, it is key in communication media, and a fundamental piece of work for brand identity and construction.

Understanding this world, understanding the codes that rule it, being able to understand the digital atmosphere, and how people move within that universe, is fundamental for the success of any serious brand strategy.

Absolutely aware of the digital transformation, we get involved in this powerful tool, in order to deliver more creative and innovative ideas.


“That which can´t be named, is just not there”, George Steiner used to say.

No brand can be successful if you can´t name it. In the same way, whatever that is known, familiar and close, has a name.

The naming process does not consist merely on coming up with a name, but in delivering the appropriate name, for the right audience, at the right time.

Industrial Design

Es la herramienta para potenciar el crecimiento de los clientes, acompañándolos en el camino de la innovación constante. Apostando al diseño como factor diferenciador, a fin de potenciar los recursos disponibles, transformando las ideas en productos y experiencias reales.