Nueva identidad para River → River estrena nueva escudo, diseñado por Grupo Berro

On 02/22/2022 at the Monumental, the leadership presented the new shield that will identify the Club and that will be on the shirts and all the brands of the institution. A long period branding work carried out by Grupo Berro, where the central axis was to respect the history of the Club, take care of the brand in every detail, seeking to strengthen the DNA so that the identity stays perennial.

This idea respects the red band above all things and has nods to the club's history. To reach this result, all the previous designs of the Club's identity were analyzed, with the help of the Museum staff and people familiar with River's trajectory and, as it always happens in centenarian brands, 25 previous changes were registered in the shield and 15 at the “CARP” symbol.

In relation to the previous shield, the special inclination of 59.88 degrees of the red band was respected. Minimal adjustments were made to the 4 letters that make up the “CARP” emblem and a subtle cleaning of the fine black lines was also made, to facilitate and improve the reading and visibility of the symbol on all communication platforms.

The change of shield had the endorsement of Marcelo Gallardo. Some time ago, Gonzalo Berro and Esteban Serrano, studio partners, visited River Camp and after a training session they met with Marcelo and part of the coaching staff to share the work they had been doing. Everyone was delighted with the changes made and approved this "new identity", as defined by the club on its social networks.

"This new shield is more modern and the CARP looks cleaner. In addition, it gives relevance to the red band. There were many people working over these two years," Brito explained in the presentation. And he added that the idea of giving the band a standard angle was given because "River logos were seen with inaccuracies and with differences in the angle."

The new shield can already be seen at the Monumental (it was discovered this Tuesday) and will be present on the new shirt that will come out in August. In fact, some time ago, as part of the branding process, we worked with the Adidas team on the correct application of the shield on the upcoming shirt.