Here you will find some of the publications referred to design as a profession, a discipline both strategic and valuable for business, including real case studies and process details.

Design Method (2020)

“This new book is, above all, an act of generosity. Gonzalo, specialist in design and strategy, exposes the forces that operate behind his work, and thereby, his security and full confidence in his method are evident. Method which does not arise from a creative abduction, but from a consolidated process, through years of operating with brands of the highest order, both nationally and internationally”.

Fernando Zerboni, consultant and business professor at the University of San Andrés.

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“This book includes many stories and good examples of “the art of everyday life” most consumers give for granted, without realizing the remarkable combination of market knowledge, category understanding, logic and rational analysis with practical instincts and imagination, which, coupled together, transform the ordinary into extraordinary”.

Ken Cato, Designer, Honoris Causa Laureate in Australian Design.

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Clear and dynamic throughout its 15 chapters and 240 pages, Design Particles recounts Gonzalo Berro’s experience working as a design professional. A journey through the most renowned cases that Grupo Berro developed for different brands of international prestige, in more than 25 countries. With a swift language and illustrative examples, Design Particles provides valuable information on the reality of the discipline, on the “vitality” of the brands, as well as the design way of thinking as part of any business plan.

“What motivated me to write Design Particles was the need to contribute to my profession. My profession gave me the possibility of working with many people, in different markets, to travel and learn about different countries and cultures. All that professional experience is included in this book”, states Gonzalo Berro, the author.

The most prominent cases include the development of special packaging of Marlboro and Philip Morris, the global launch of Mr Muscle, the LAN catalogues for sales on board, the naming and brand identity of Norcenter, in Argentina, and other shopping centers in Spain, identity and communication of Novecento, identity and redesign of major brands of wine such as Frizzé, Bianchi Doc and Altimus, the development of a new bottle for Lanjaron, for Danone (Spain), and other works for La Campagnola, Swiss Just, Kansas, Las Lilas, Green Hills and Osborne.

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“This is a helpful book, a design manual written in clear and simple terms which do not abound in the literature of graphic design, not even in the most extended advertising literature. It couldn´t be otherwise: this is the work of a design professional that practices a ‘vital design’ approach. When faced with each new work, he is oriented not only by the challenge itself, but by a personal communication with the customer as well…”.

Albert Borrini, renowned Argentine journalist, specializing in communication, advertising and marketing.