Danone – Nutricia Bagó – 2019

Branding & Packaging



With the new positioning ‘Embracing real motherhood as a natural part of life’, Danone and Nutricia Bago called on Grupo Berro to redesign Vital, a formula milk brand.

Vital seeks to alleviate the idealized expectations of motherhood. It is proven that for mothers, infant formula milk is not the first alternative they choose, but Vital is the closest to the ideal, and has everything their babies need and nothing else.


How to communicate the best attribute of the brand was the great challenge.

And the decision was simple: differentiating itself from the complexity of the category, with a clear and simple message, taking advantage of the credentials of the Vital formula:

Calcium, iron, minerals, proteins, vitamins and Omega 3 and 6. 

And above all, without sugar!

The result

The new packaging design is simple and direct. Communicates clearly what Vital has (everything a baby needs) and what it does not (sugar).

The brand was redesigned, simplifying the chromatic finish. Delicate typographic modifications were made in the line spacing and the curvature of the word Vital, adapted to the inclination of the heart.

The illustrations were made based on the characteristic drawings of children under the premise: ‘Real life is not perfect, it is about colouring outside the lines’.

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