The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar

Branding y Packaging – 2020


There are many questions or queries that come to us on our social networks or website, but normally the projects that prosper are through referrals or brands that have experience in hiring design or branding.

In this case, Dante and Ayelen, owners of The Beauty Bar (a young brand of hair products for the female audience) contacted us.

They asked us for a quote but we invited them to a Zoom meeting. We do not usually pass our fees if we do not know well who we are talking to.

The meeting was very interesting, much more than our initial expectations. Ayelen and Dante are two young entrepreneurs who were very enthusiastic about our designs and the way of thinking of Grupo Berro. They were determined to move forward with the project, but our fees were beyond what they could afford.

“The talk generated good chemistry and I, who had started my own business at a similar age, asked them to tell us how much they could invest to work with us,” says Gonzalo Berro.

Dante’s response was concrete and what they offered was well above what they usually invest in design. That conviction earned them our respect and we accepted that offer.

The next day 50% of the agreement was already transferred to our account and that seriousness and commitment defined what we saw at The Beauty Bar, young entrepreneurs determined to offer excellent quality products, betting on an identity that could position them on the highest standards in the hair products category.

We created the new brand. With the play on words, the symbol synthesizes a mouth and a glass. The logo combines a typeface with a gestural detail in the word ‘Bar’ that highlights the connection of Ayelén and Dante with the project. A young and relaxed new brand.

We develop the names of each product with a twist that emphasizes what type of hair each one is for.

And we design the packaging with a luminous chromatic proposal, with nature textures worked in duotones and a ‘rainbow’ stamping application for the symbol and for each name, giving the packs a special brightness.

The result is a young and bold product line, just as the owners.

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