Branding & Packaging – 2020

Cambiaso – tea Supremo

Cambiaso, chilean company of great history, asked us a couple years ago to redesign Supremo, a tea brand which is leader in its category and also a national icon.

In that moment, we did a successful design with a solid architecture for the whole line of products which allowed Supremo to stand out in the point of sale.

Cambiazo decided to launch some new teas and contacted us once again. In this opportunity, the challenge was to design a new premium tea called “Supremo Luxury” and a new Ceylán tea, “Supremo Mystic Ceylán”.

Both needed to show their individual virtues while being part of the brand identity.

The results are at display. Supremo Luxury presents an elegant combination of navy blue, gold and black that gives the aspired premiumness  and stands out among the family. And the Supremo Mystic Ceylán separates itself from the family with a blend of white background and a tea-leaves pattern in black that frame a photographic image of a tea cup.

Each one succeded in making their own personality inside the same architecture of a family with plenty of references.

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