Pampa Vida

Make it Happen S.A. – 2021

Branding & Packaging



At the beginning of the year Manuel Cabrales called Gonzalo to invite him to a new challenge. Make it Happen was closing an agreement with the creator of Pampa Vida, Flavio Da Rold, to expand the family of products and to greatly strengthen distribution nationwide.

“I ask you to price the work and also to consider the option of participating in the results.” Gonzalo, already living the experience of Gauchitas and Patagonia Berries, clearly saw the win-win opportunity in participating in the results. Besides, our conviction in the value of design is such that if there is a good product and it is well distributed, branding is undoubtedly the best investment for the brand to stand out and increase its sales.

In addition, alternative milks are a new category, they are the ‘future made present’ and Pampa Vida is a brand that works with quality.

Grupo Berro being part of the challenge was an additional motivation for Gonzalo.


The designs they had up to that point were ‘cute’ but they lacked the ‘brand hierarchy’ needed to attract attention at the point of sale.

This key impact that attracts the consumer to choose a brand against its competition is what differentiates the strategic branding that we do at Grupo Berro from a simple packaging design.

After an analysis of the brand and the category at local and international levels, we presented a series of alternatives where we sought for the brand to take a leading role in the pack. They were different creative options under the same brief ‘to achieve good visibility, good ‘facing’ and also that the milks had the appetite appeal necessary to make them stand out on the shelf’.


The new design stands out and seduces!

The brand was redesigned and took a leading role in the packaging, occupying 50% of the front without overshadowing the individuality that each type of milk needs. 

Today, we can see a colorful family that attracts attention with an enticing design that vitalizes the brand and gives it the hierarchy it deserves.

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