Milkaut – 2019

Branding & Packaging


How could a dairy company founded in 1926 by a group of twenty-nine dairy farmers from the province of Santa Fe differentiate itself from competing giants? How could it develop a unique value proposal, able to generate impact and confer the brand with a certain allure, without losing its focus on its products’ quality? How could it create an identity, a genuine brand personality, able to produce results, and which, would be, at the same, time authentic and unrepeatable?


The key was the human factor. MILKAUT needed to take a leap in quality, and the focus for it was in the people who sustained the brand: most of the residents of Franck, Santa Fe, are or have been employed by MILKAUT. They are the ones sustaining and building the brand every day, relying on the values of quality, flavor, and dedication.

We translated into design what we had received from so many people, in order to achieve, together, a genuine and authentic brand, which would therefore be unique and unrepeatable.


We developed a visual identity which stood out in the packaging material by showing up front the old creamery, the oldest in Argentina and one of the most important historical milestones of Franck.

We added four key elements: a cow, a fragment of plowed land, a windmill, and the silhouette of an ombú tree. All of these elements are part of the natural landscape of Franck.

We applied the brand over a deep blue, which had been part of its first packages, and which conveyed the brand’s new thrust, in addition to its sincere and family-oriented personality.


The work went beyond the business’s frontiers: employees at Frank were moved in the presentation of the new visual identity, which awakened the pride of all of the town’s residents.

In the strategic segments of cream, dulce de leche (an emblematic product from Argentina: a delightful sort of jam, a sort of caramel spread), yoghurts, spreads, and crematto, the brand experienced a 21% year on year increase in the first three months in the market. In the same period, dulce de leche grew 40%.

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