Branding & Packaging

SC Johnson – Lysoform – 2020


One of our greatest satisfaction in Grupo Berro is gaining the client’s trust. In the case of SC Johnson, something very special takes place: it has been 26 years since they started trusting us with different challenges in branding and design.

In this opportunity they called us from their headquarters in Racine, USA, to redesign Lysoform.

A brand of great history, leader in home disinfection, which we know well because in 2017, we designed  the “personal care” line.


In a category that has a more clinical approach, we wanted to elevate our brand to a more emotional space and speak to the benefits of keeping the family healthy.

In a world focused on minimizing risks, Lysoform enable those who are nurturing to maximize possibilities by providing them with a “Caring Shield”, because it believes that the world would be a better place if we could all make everyday count instead of just seeking a sense of control.


The work was to redesign the brand without losing its strength, emphasizing its expertise in “disinfection” and the conviction of being a “caring shield” for the customers and their families.

Keeping its distinctive colors and iconic cross, we redesigned the typography and framed the logo inside a shield.

We also redesigned the packs with a more modern and clearer aesthetic.


The new brand is a clear evolution from the previous one which involves key elements in order to achieve the objective defined by the company.

A new design that updates Lysoform and boosts its protagonism in the disinfection category.

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