Branding & Packaging


Who is Grido? With more than 1,600 franchises in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, Grido is the largest ice cream parlor in Latin America and the fifth in the world. It produces 75 million kilos per year and has the largest cold room in Latin America.

Grido had defined a new identity and needed us to design the entire product line.


The first thing we did was travel to Cordoba province to see and learn about the brand’s DNA. We visited the production plant, also visited different branches with the marketing team and shared several talks to be able to interpret in the best way what the brand was like indoors.

It was a surprise for us because until that moment we did not know the true size of the company, the seriousness in the production of ice cream with top quality raw materials and the commitment of the Santiago family to provide first class food at affordable costs for its consumers.

When looking at the different packs, the design was not up to the brand. There was no concept of family and they clearly needed a change.

The work consisted in building a solid architecture that generates a clear communication of the product line and at the same time gives each ice cream its own personality. We generated colorful frames with playful illustrations of the different ingredients and we did a photographic work showing each real product that truly looks rich and very photogenic.

The result is outstanding. Today the Grido family looks colorful, innovative, young and modern, each of the products shines and invites you to try them. A packaging design that clearly shows the quality of the product that is inside.

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