El Dok

El Dok – Convention Center – 2018

Promotional Marketing

Invitation design for the inaugural event, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


As in all the projects developed by Diego Lerner, design, elegance and quality are fundamental ingredients.

We worked for several years for the day to present El Dok and the first element of the brand that people received was key.

The project

The party was aimed at an exclusive list of guests, all those friends of the host.

How we should invite them? An email, a WhatsApp, a call?

Why not make a personalized invitation that could reflect through the design the elegance that they would see after arriving at El Dok?

We designed an invitation printed with lacquers, stamping and reliefs that was formed by different pieces. The envelope printed in the sober gray color of the brand, closed by hand with a copper ribbon. Inside a white card with the letters and the symbol in stamping copper and the names written by hand by a calligrapher.

The result

The guests in general congratulated Diego for the quality of the proposal, thanking the host for having sent an invitation written in his own name.

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