Design Method

“This new book is, above all, an act of generosity. Gonzalo, specialist in design and strategy, exposes the forces that operate behind his work, and thereby, his security and full confidence in his method are evident. Method which does not arise from a creative abduction, but from a consolidated process, through years of operating with brands of the highest order, both nationally and internationally” Fernando Zerboni, consultant and business professor at the University of San Andrés.

“Design and branding are extremely valuable resources for brands and sometimes they are seen as intangible and their effectiveness is even underestimated” Gonzalo Berro.

The objective of this book is to be able to show and substantiate, with real cases, the true value that design has in the construction of brands.

The edition is organized in a first part that details the Grupo Berro work methodology step by step. Then, in a second section, the method is illustrated with recent success stories. And it closes with customer testimonials and a gallery of various projects.

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