Cabrales Coffee

Cabrales Happy Day – 2020

Branding & Packaging


For this reknown brand, leader of coffee in Argentina, we developed their full line of coffees.

The top brands always need to work in their designs in order to show a logical evolution, maintain their relevance and leadership, and to stand out in the point of sale.

Among the design developed for the whole line of Cabrales, it was vital that each kind of coffee preserved its personality. In the case of Cabrales Happy Day, a coffee toasted in Brazil, the previous design had a characteristic pink color.

Taking that recognizable color as a diferential element and under the same family architecture, an illustration with birds and flowers was added to give that sense of joy, characteristic from Brazil.

The result is an attractive, eye-catching and colorful packaging that invites people to taste it while strengthening the variety of designs offered by Café Cabrales.

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