Branding & Packaging

CCU, Saénz Briones, Argentina – TribuSur – 2018

Based on the success of cider 1888, Saenz Briones hired Grupo Berro to develop the branding and packaging design of TribuSur.

Leveraged in a market that opened the doors to the consumption of cider, presenting a new brand that offers an artisan product of excellent quality is a great opportunity.

TribuSur launched in the market with five novel proposals: Sweet Cider, Dry Cider, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom & Cucumber.

With charcoal and pencil drawings, the identity of Tribusur combines its logo with different animals of Patagonia: the deer, the puma, the armadillo, the condor and the mara, each one playing with an apple, which is the basis of good cider.

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