Branding, Packaging & Naming

Klïnun, a new premium brand with Flex Bedding Group endorsement.
FLEX BEDDING GROUP hired Grupo Berro for the creation of a new brand for KOL Products division. They needed to develop a brand that represented the prestige and quality of their products, joining tradition and experience in the manufacture of down products, with a clean, fresh, modern image, framed in a Nordic universe and at the same time warm.


We work from scratch. Together with our strategic partner for naming, Fernando Beltrán (El Nombre de las Cosas). KLÏNUN, was the name that gathered all those attributes, while creating a memorable brand, with its own personality, capable of generating recognition both consumers and customers.

The end result is an elegant and innovative brand, both from the name and from its identity, capable of representing the positioning established along with FLEX BEDDING GROUP, with the purpose of becoming a benchmark for the category of premium sleeping products.

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