Savencia Argentina – Bavaria – 2020

Branding & Packaging


Bavaria is the brand leader in the blue cheese market in the Argentina. With more than 86 years of history, it’s the first blue cheese of the country. It counts with a model plant of exclusive elaboration of blue cheese in Las Parejas, Province of Santa Fé.


The blue cheese’ category drop 10% in the last year and in spite of that retraction, Bavaria continues to grow, leading the category in both volume and turnover.


Redesign Bavaria’s identity and their line of products granting them a more premium and European style to help the whole category of blue cheese position better in Argentina.


It is an obligation for the designer to know the brands’ histories and to know how to look at the route and the trajectory lived by the brands. Specially when we are talking about a brand that has lead the market for many successful decades.

Looking backwards, it’s possible to project the future and catch identity traits lost to recover or strengthen the DNA of the identity providing “hierarchy” to the brand to position it in the place it deserves.

Also, it’s important to look at what the category is like and what differentials the brand has to offer.


With these premises, at Grupo Berro we work at each stage of our method, rebuilding the Bavaria brand with all its strengths and attributes.

After analyzing the brief that the client gave us and studying the current situation of the brand and its competition, we took a good look at the history, and together with the client we also visited the production plant to get to know well the process and the secrets of blue cheese with the illusion of finding distinctive features.

With all that material and with clear ideas of how the new design should be, we redraw the logo, recovering the style of the original typography but with very current features. We also revived the image of the zip line, the girl that was part of the symbol for many years and that for some reason had been discontinued. Finally, we were struck by the typical blue cheese mushrooms, so distinctive in the category, and we defined two special colors that we extracted from the true color of these mushrooms, which we called the true ‘blue’ colors of blue cheese.

“We found ourselves with a design that does not reflect the quality of the product. That is why we decided to recover the gothic typography and the zip line seal since they were part of the brand’s DNA” – explains Gonzalo Berro and adds: “To give them a unique personality, we work on the packaging with the blue of the fungus, not chosen from the pantone color palette, and we include the 45 and 75-day maturity stamp, an important attribute to highlight the quality of the products.”


With all these elements defined, we developed new labels and new packs that show, through the design, a renewed brand, much more vigorous that draws attention and affirms the leadership in the category. Today Bavaria presents itself with the elegance and style of a true leading brand.

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