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“The story of Artesanos del Mar is a moving one. When Gonza Gamero, a close friend of one of my children, asked me for Grupo Berro to design their identity and told me how they had started, where they are today and what their ideas for the future were, I immediately said yes” comments Gonzalo Berro.

Artesanos del Mar (craftsmen of the sea) is a family of entrepreneurs dedicated to selecting the highest quality fish of the market and bringing it to the public with transparency, innovation and profound conviction to give the best. They apply innovative low temperature technology to preserve the nutrition qualities and the freshness of the seafood they offer, which avoids the strong smell impact.

Everything began on a trip to Puerto Madryn in 2002. Lucio Gamero, Gonza and Pancho’s father, decided to travel there to rest from the complications of his work as a result of the 2001 crisis. Walking along the beaches of the place, he saw how the fishermen woke up at dawn to dive with scarce resources and get the best molluscs in the bay, and of a size that he had never seen in his life. He baptized them “los artesanos del mar” (the craftsmen of the sea).

Enthusiastic about the taste and quality of this fish, Lucio began sharing the catch of the “artisans of the sea” with his family, friends and acquaintances. In light of the positive response, he envisaged the possibility of developing a company around the quality of such fish, which were especially selected by those men who knew so much about the sea.

“Artesanos del Mar” began to expand due to the effort and commitment with the quality of the product. Lucio’s children joined the company’s vision, which consisted of bringing very high quality fish, without strong odor, selected as if the recipient was not an anonymous client, but their own family. “We do this as a family, for families …”, says Lucio, the creator of the brand.

Today, 20 years later, Artesanos del Mar is a company that honors quality through selected fishing, and that honors the spirit of those first craftmen in Puerto Madryn.


As with every project that we carry out at Grupo Berro, the initial stage of our method “the focus” is the basis for its success. We visited the different points of sale, we went to the factory to see what the real fractioing and production processes were like, and we had several conversations with the Artesanos team to be able to venture into the DNA of the brand.

This gave us a clear diagnosis, the previous identity had had its day, it did not manage to represent the quality of products that Artesanos del Mar offers and was very out of date.

With all this learning, we developed different design alternatives so that the client could choose a new identity for the brand. All the variants respected the blue and white colors that were characteristic of the company.

We also worked on the design of the premises. We defined materials and textures that would provide an identity that invited Artesanos del Mar customers to enter their premises to buy their products.

For the exteriors we designed simple canopies with a high brand visibility. We also developed overhanging signs and defined a series of conceptual photographs to decorate part of the shopwindows. Inside, we defined the layout and designed special furniture so that they are characteristic and a clear reference of Artesano’s identity.

We also made the photographs for the brand’s communication on social media with an image style according to the new identity. We defined a new claim that summarizes the expertise of the company and we made a brandbook that brings together the visual identity and the tone of the company.


The change is noticeable, it is a milestone. Today the identity of Artesanos del Mar looks renewed. Its image projects the quality of the products they offer and will undoubtedly contribute to the growth expected by this entrepreneurial family.

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