Design is crucial to our clients´ business. It is here, in design precisely, where we add value.


We are a professional designers team with a more than 25 years experience. We seek for creative solutions from an absolute strategic point of view, with results shown in every project we develop.

Gonzalo Berro

Founder and partner of Grupo Berro. He leads design projects for Philip Morris, SC Johnson, CCU, Disney, LAN, Molinos, Osborne and Cambiaso, among others. Author of the books "Design Particles" (2008) and "Design, the everyday art " (by 2015), edited in Spain in 2016.

Laura García

Partner and General Coordinator at Grupo Berro. She worked for Aerolíneas, Banco Francés and Hospital Austral, among others. He joined Grupo Berro in 2000, and since then, coordinates various projects for Philip Morris, Disney, Molinos and SC Johnson, among others.

Esteban Serrano

Partner and Creative Director at Grupo Berro. Graphic designer (University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Buenos Aires). Worked at Cato Berro Partners & Cato Partners Australia. His works were published in Graphis, Rockport Publisher, Pie Books and Craftman House. Illustrator and cartoonist. Professor of typography at the University of Buenos Aires.